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January 2016

Wifi Animal Rule Leg Amputation

Grandpa Aussie Rescue Wound Repair

Roscoe Aussie Rescue Toe Amputation

Chiquita Bandits Buddies Fistula Repair

Miracle Basset Rescue Bilateral Cherry Eye Surgery

Sparrow Bichon Rescue Brigade FHO & Leg Fracture Repair

Millie Bichon Rescue OC Bilateral Hernias & Mammary Tumors

Daphne Bichon Resuce OC Mammary Tumors

Smitty Border Collies in Need FHO Surgery

Baxter Camp Cocker Fractured Tooth Removal

Cisco Death Row Dog Rescue Achillies Tendon Repair Surgical

Roxy/Roxie DRLA Pelvic Fracture Repair Surgical

Denny Furry Tails Rescue Congestive Heart Failure

Dawn Grand Paws Rescue Ear Infections

Chops Karma Rescue Jaw Fracture Repair Surgical

Howie No Paws Left Behind Parvo Treatment

Cece Noah's Bark North Pelvic Fracture Repair Surgical

Chaya Pepper Foundation Fistula Repair

Elfie Pepper Foundation Fistula Repair

Biscuit SoCal Pomeranian Rescue Bladder Stone Surgery

Clair SVMP Heart Surgery PRAA with PDA

Gordon The Pet Rescue Center Luxating Patella

Bandit Wags & Walks Rescue Leg Fracture Repairs Surgical X2

Zapata YRA Leg Fracture Repair

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February 2016

Pluto A Home 4 Ever Rescue Treatment for Burns

Hupo American Maltese Assoc Mammary Tumor Removal

Korki American Maltese Assoc Mammary Tumor Removal

Ginger Aussie Rescue Broken Leg

Mollie Bichon Rescue Brigade Mammary Tumor Removal

Theo Camp Cocker Rescue Pneumonia

Millie Camp Cocker Rescue Mammary Tumor Removal

Gretchen Camp Cocker Rescue Broken Leg

Kristi Camp Cocker Rescue Mammary Tumor Removal

Drasa Delaney's Dogs Treatment For Possible Poisoning

Rocky Dexter Foundation Broken Leg & Pelvis

Elvis Dachshund Rescue of LA Reconstructive Surgery

Petey Austin Dachshund Rescue of LA Bladder Stone Removal

Rocky It's The Pits Hip Replacement

Cheyenne No Paws Left Behind Broken Leg

Kobe Noah's Bark North Broken Leg

Johnny Noah's Bark North Eye Removal

Nina Pepper Foundation Mammary Mass Removal

Nala Pepper Foundation Mammary Mass Removal

ObiWan SoCal Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Broken Leg

Polly Anna Sacramento Independent Animal Rescuers Hip Surgery

Peanut Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Liver Shunt Surgery

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March 2016

Yoshi Bichon Rescue Brigade Mass Removal

Seussie Brittany Foundation Spleen Removal

Morgan Camp Cocker Rescue Reconstructive Surgery

Wanda Dachshund Rescue of LA Cherry Eye Surgery

Chocolate Chip Dachshund Rescue of LA Bilateral Cherry Eye Surgery

Draco Dachshund Rescue of LA Rear Leg Paralysis

Adelaide HELP Pyometrea Surgery

Macy Grace Menifee Humane Society Elbow Surgery

Beatrice Noah's Bark Tumor Removal

Chula Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Bilateral Enucleation

Gus Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Knee Surgery

Contessa Rescue & Rehome Broken Leg

Hershey Saving K9 Lives PDA Heart Surgery

Lisa SoCal Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Pergnancy Complications

Brian SoCal Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Abdominal Obstruction

Walter SoCal Pomeranian Rescue Eye Removal

Rocky Simi Valley Missing Pets Bilateral FHO Surgery

Ringo Tails of the City Eye Removal

Bohdi The Pepper Foundation Pneumonia

Brody Westie Rescue OC Neurologica Condition

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April 2016

Bradley Bichon Rescue Brigade Hernia Surgery

Buffy Bichon Rescue Brigade Leg Amputation

Pebbles Bullies & Buddies Liver Shunt Surgery

Suzy Camp Cocker Rescue Bilateral Cherry Eye Surgery

Willow Dachshund Rescue of LA Hernai Repair

Wendell Lab Rescuers TPLO Knee Surgery

Logan Lhasa Happy Homes Pneumonia

Gonzo Lhasa Happy Homes Pneumonia

Kristal Lhasa Happy Homes Eye Removal

Ellie Simi Valley Missing Pets Leg Amputation

Gina SoCal Pomeranian Rescue Hernia Repair

Greggory The Pepper Foundation Mass Removal

Adam Ant The Real Bark Eye Surgery

Miya Lhasa Happy Homes Bladder Stone Surgery

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May 2016

Mozart Dachshund Rescue of LA Abdominal Obstruction

Nala Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Bladder Stone Surgery, Mammary Masses

Daphne Much Love Leg Amputation

Valentino Delaney's Dogs Leg Amputation

Alfie Pacific Coast Dog Rescue Thyroid Mass Removal

Dex/Lex Delaney's Dogs Dental Infection

Casey Bichon Rescue Brigade Eye Socket Repair

Sebastian Camp Cocker Rescue Pnuemonia

Palona Camp Cocker Rescue Mammary Mass Removal

Molly Camp Cocker Rescue Missing Ear Flap, Ear Canal Stenosis Surgical

Henry Camp Cocker Rescue Oro-Nasl Fistula Repair Surgery

Callie Tails of the City Spleenectomy

Marianne F. The Real Bark Multiple Pelvic Fractures FHO Surgery

Pebbles Furry Tails Rescue Malforned Leg Exam & Bandage Changes

Miss Janie Peace of Mind Dog Rescue FHO & Patella Luxation

Giner Simi Valley Missing Pets Emergency C-Section

Maverick Dachshund Rescue of LA Dog Attack, Multiple Jaw Fractures & Punctures

Zorro Dachshund Rescue of LA Anal Mass Removal

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June 2016

Louie/Lopez Pepper Foundation Seizures & Anemia

Sunny & Bubbles Layla's Animal Rescue Severe Luxating Patellas

Quinn Camp Cocker Rescue Multiple Pelvis Fracture & Tail Amputation

Bernadette Pet Rescue Center Bilateral Cherry Eye Surgery

Lucy Mae Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Glaucoma

Doris A Purposful Rescue Exploratory Surgery

Peanut Cookie Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Mammry Tumor Removal

Sophia Karma Rescue MRSA Infection & Severe Skin Allergies

Maksim Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Heart Disease

Bam Bam Saving K9 Lives Exploratory Surgery

Franny Pepper Foundation Inguinal Hernai Repair

Rosie Bichons & Buddies Eye Remocal, Ear Hermatoma, Mass Removal

Rosie Noah's Bark Tumor Removal

Winston Bichon Rescue of OC Diaphramitic Hernia Repair

Dinah Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Mast Cell Tumor Removal

Maggie Mae Dachshund Rescue of LA Mass Removal

Opie Lhasa Happy Homes Leg Amputation

Lily Ladybug Westie Rescue of OC Mass Removal

Ben Angel's Heart Glaucoma

Simon Animals Rule Leg Amputation

Honey Bee Pepper Foundation Mass On Spleen

Jackson Lhasa Happy Home Oro-Nasal Fistula Repair

Geo Delaney's Dog Leg Fracture Repair

Phoenix Simi Valley Missing Pets Eye Removal, Multiple Open Wound Repair

Brando Much Love Leg Amputation

Chalupa Much Lov Leg Fracture Repair

Oscar The Animal Protectorates Bilateral FHD Surgery

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July 2016

Sandy Almost Eden Leg Fracture Repair Surgery

Ziggy Simi Valley Missing Pets Pnuemonia

Poppy/Coffee Simi Valley Missing Pets Bladder Stone Removal

Leo Simi Valley Missing Pets Scrotal Mass Removal

Liberty Labrador Rescues Leg Fracture Repair Surgical

MJ Brittany Foundation Foreign Body Removal

Herby Furry Tails Coccidia

Marshall Bichon Rescue Brigade Leg Fracture Repair Surgical

Lily Living Is For Everyone Animal Resuce Leg Fracture Repair Surgical

Laddie Living Is For Everyone Animal Resuce FHO Surgery

Lulu Elder Paws Luxating Patellas

Spike Living Is For Everyone Animal Resuce Bite Wound Repair Dog Attack

Beyonce Living Is For Everyone Animal Resuce Sepsis

Hannah Brittany Foundation Sepsis

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August 2016

Lucy WD Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Bladder Stone Removal

Howie Delantey's Dog Bilateral Entropian Surgery

Alice Bichon Rescue of OC Mammary Tumors

Isabella Animal Wellness Mammary Tumors

Scarlett Dachshund Rescue of LA FHO Surgery

Pinky The Forgotten Dog Leg Fracture Repair Surgical

Kiwi Dachshund Rescue of LA Leg Fracture Repair Surgical

Sophie Living Is For Everyone Animal Rescue Leg Fracture Repair Surgical

Briana Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Hernai Repair

Maddy Brittany Foundation Mass Removal

Tzisti Wawa The Animal Proctorates Luxating Patellas

Hamilton Yorkie Rescue of America ACL Repair

Ella Girlie Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Mammary Tumors

Coco Bichon Rescue OC Bladder mass

Ace Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Eye Enucleation

Pierre Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Mass Removal

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