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January 2014

Audrey Katrina Dogs Eye Surgery

Angie Katrina Dogs Gastroenteritis

Billy Katrina Dogs Cherry Eye Surgery

Turner Dogs Without Borders Pneumonia

Millie Katrina Dogs Eye Surgery

Valentina CageFree K9 Broken Leg

Iris Death Row Dog Rescue Tumor Removal

Emerald Much Love Tumor Removal

Pearl Much Love Hernia Surgery

Bungee MenifeeHS Broken Leg

Spock No Paws Left Behind Exploratory Surgery

Courtney Katrina Dogs Tumor Removal & Eye Surgery

Blossom Noah's Bark Wound Repair

Diamond Bisset Rescue Spinal Surgery

Cisco Leading Every Animal Safely Home Tumor Removal

Bessie Much Love Hernia Surgery

Lindsey Vonn New Leash on Life Broken Leg

Ringo Lhasa Happy Homes Hip Surgery

Pepper Brittany Foundation Tumor Removal

Buck Sacramento Independent Aninal Rescue Heartworm Treatment

Duke Sacramento Independent Animal Rescue Heartworm Treatment

Buster It's The Pits Knee Surgery

Diana Lhasa Happy Homes Hernia Surgery

Lamb Much Love Broken Leg

Whisper The Pepper Foundation Exploratory Surgery

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February 2014

Hermoine A Purposeful Rescue Cherry Eye Surgery

Hannah Brittany Foundation Knee Surgery

Scooby CageFree K9 Broken Back

Tiny Tim Dogs Without Borders Hernia Repair & Knee Surgery

Lola Grand Paws Rescue Addison's Disease

Chancie Greyhound Adoption Center Broken Leg

Sienna Katrina Dogs Cherry Eye Surgery

Shadow Labs & Friends Broken Leg

Linzi Lhasa Happy Homes Broken Jaw

Reese Much Love Broken Leg

Boots POMDR Suurgery

Chloe POMDR Eye Removal

McLovin Take Me Home Broken Pelvis

Samantha The Lange Foundation Broken Pelvis

Joyce Wags & Walks Rescue Surgery

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March 2014

Shirley Bichons & Buddies Tumor Removal

Mikey CageFree K9 Broken Leg

Olivia CageFree K9 Wound Repair

Reese Katrina Dogs Eye Removal

Tricia/Trixie Labs & Friends Knee Surgery

Jonsey Lhasa Happy Homes Hernia Repair

Chevy Much Love Broken Leg

Mimi No Paws Left Behind Wound Repair

Penny POMDR Hernia Repair

Gumdrop SCMSR Broken Leg & Hip Surgery

Barry SCMSR Broken Leg

Angela SIAR Heartworm Treatment

Legend Take Me Home Broken Foot

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April 2014

Bailey BFK Broken Leg

Oliver BFK Broken Leg & Pelvis

Kiki BFK Hip Surgery

Carly CageFree K9 Broken Leg & Pelvis

Sparrow GSROC Skin & Ear Infections

Lola It's The Pits Demodex & Pyoderma

Issac Monterey Bay Labrador Rescue Heartworm Treatment

Bolero Much Love Knee Surgery

Bosley Much Love Bladder Surgery & Broken Pelvis

Dudley Much Love Broken Leg & Pelvis

Drake Much Love Broken Leg

Prince POMDR Dislocated Elbow

Dodger Westie Rescue OC Tumor Removal

Prince Westlake GSR Broken Leg

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May 2014

Priscilla Basset Rescue Mammary Tumor Removal

Phoebe Border Collies in Need Broken Pelvis

Jojo Canine Adoption & Rescue League Dental Surgery

Luis Canine Adoption & Rescue League Cherry Eye Surgery

Winston It's The Pits Knee Surgery

Jacques Karma Rescue Broken Pelvis

Hilda Labs & Friends Knee Surgery

Bodhi Labs & Friends Broken Shoulder

Lacey Much Love Broken Pelvis

Mochi Much Love Broken Leg

Charley The Animal Proectorates Broken Leg

Dolly Yorkie Rescue of America Tumor Removal

Taylor Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Broken Leg

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June 2014

Pepino Angel's Heart Knee Surgery

Winkle Bichons & Buddies Hip Surgery

Indra Big Dog Rescue Ear Surgery

Toby Brittany Foundation Ear Surgery

Rudy Dharma Rescue Provided Cart - Rear Leg Paralysis

Summer Dogs Without Borders Knee Surgery

Accuvant Much Love Hip Surgery

Braun Much Love Hip Surgery

Noodles SoCal Pomeranian Rescue Broken Foot

Chanel SoCal Pomeranian Rescue Broken Elbow

YipYap SoCal Pomeranian Rescue Broken Leg

Coco SoCal Pomeranian Rescue Hip & Knee Surgery

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July 2014

Maverick Bichon Rescue Brigade Hip Surgery

Tommy B Dogs Without Borders Tumor Removal

Fusilli Dogs Without Borders Cherry Eye Surgery

John Snow Much Love Leg Fracture Repair

Ygritte Much Love Hip Surgery

Duey No Paws Left Behind Broken Teeth Removal

Huey No Paws Left Behind Broken Teeth Removal/Cryptorchid Neuter

Jade Pet Rescue Center Cherry Eye Surgery

Simon Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Parvo Virus Treatment

Sophia Grace Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Cleft Palate Repair

Lucy Saving Animals From Euthanasia Broken Leg & Hip Surgery

Simba Wags & Walks Recue Fracture Pelvis & Hip Surgery

Ariel Westie Recue OC Proliferative Urthritis Treatment

Izzy Pop Westie Rescue OC Skin Infection

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August 2014

Ferguson Bichon Rescue Brigade Broken Hip

Eddie Brittany Foundation Mass Removal

Bessie CageFree K9 Liver Shunt Surgery

Floyd Lhasa Happy Homes Sinal Surgery

Apollo Lhasa Happy Homes Broken Pelvis

Max Much Love Magaesophagus

Patron Pei People Hernai Repair

Toby The Aninal Protectorates Leg Amputation

Annabelle Yorkie Rescue of America Knee Surgery

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September 2014

Colton American Maltese Assoc Eye Removal

Gummi Bear Animal Rule Dental Surgery

Kinko Bichons & Buddies Partial Tail Amputation

Dana Brittany Foundation Pancreatitis Treatment

Sarah Katrina Dogs Cherry Eye Surgery

Clara Katrina Dogs Mass Removal

April Katrina Dogs Leg Amputation & Hip Surgery

Jordy Katrina Dogs Treatment for Infection

Dilton Much Love Knee Surgery

Alexander Much Love Broken Leg

Bacon Much Love Broken Pelvis

Dexter Second Chance Cocker Rescue Eye Removal

Cookie Starfish Foot Surgery

Toby Starfish Broekn Leg

Charlize Starfish Mass Removal

Drexel Tails of the City Hip Surgery

Annie Treasured Tails Knee Surgery

Mickey Wren Yorkie Rescue Wound Repair

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October 2014

Rocket Animal Rule Eye Removal

Sweetie Animal Rule Knee Surgery

Davey CageFree K9 Broekn Leg

Mellow Dogs Without Borders Parasitic Disease

Angelina FORTE Animal Rescue Treatment for Infection

Riley Katrina Dogs Cherry Eye Surgery

Avacado Much Love Broekn Pelvis

Cash Much Love Heart Surgery

Milo Pepper Foundation Hernia Repair

Norman Pepper Foundation Mass Removal

Bingo Starfish Broken Leg

Hansel The Dog Spot Parasitic Disease

Gretel The Dog Spot Parasitic Disease

Shelton The Dog Spot Leg Amputation

MoJo Westie Rescue OC Treatment for Infection

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November 2014

Brendan Bill Foundation Broken Leg

Gilligan Brittany Foundation Eye Removal

Brownie Brittany Foundation Hip Surgery & Tumor Removal

Xena Dogs Without Borders Rear Leg Lameness

Majestic FORTE Animal Rescue Spinal Surgery

Harrison Greyhound Adoption Center Broekn Leg

Lila Holly's Garden Bladder Stone Surgery

Isabella Katrina Dogs Cherry Eye Surgery

Tommy Lhasa Happy Homes Leg Amputation

Noah Much Love Hip Surgery

Ralphie Much Love Knee Surgery

Oliver No Paws Left Behind Provided Cart - Rear Leg Paralysis

Saffie SoCal Pomeranian Rescue Ear Surgery

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December 2014

Love Dharma Rescue Provided Cart - Rear Leg Paralysis

Betsy Katrina Dogs Mammary Tumor Removal

Shelby Bill Foundation Tumor Removal

Charlotte CageFree K9 Hip Surgery

Good Sam Bill Foundation Laceration Repair

Ray Dogs Without Borders Tumor Removal

Katniss Pet Rescue Center Leg Fracture & Degloving Injuries

Brooklyn CageFree K9 Hip Surgery

Maverick Angel's Heart Hip Surgery

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