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January 2017

Binky HELP Hernia Repair

Luna Noah's Bark North Liver Shunt Surgery

Avery Bichon Resuce Brigade Mange Treatment

Blossom Noah's Bark North Prolapsed Rectum

Cappy Noak's Bark North Mammary Tumor Removal

Dasher POMDR Eye Removal

Doc Noah's Bark North Prolapsed Rectum

Ellie Holly's Garden Pelvic Fracture Repair

Rena SIAR Bladder Surgery

Shasta DRLA Mammary Tumor Removal

Sophie GSROC Heart Surgery

Suzie The Dog Spot Bladder Stone Surgery

Tyson Rescue & Rehome Foreighn Body Removal

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February 2017

Kennedy Delaney's Dog Hip Surgery

Polly DRLA Bladder Stone Removal

Hampton Lhasa Happy Homes Pelvic Fracture Repair

Tucker DRLA Bladder Stone Removal

Roxie BRB Hip Surgery

Rufus BRB Jaw Fracture and Hernia Repair

Addy BRB Mass Removal

Nacho Helping Herders Facial Reconstruction After Dog Attack

Abbott SoCal Pomeranian Rescue Hip Surgery

Shelby Pepper Foundation Oral Abscess Repair

Shasta SIAR Cherry Eye Surgery

Coco Girl POMDR Eye Removal

Tommy GSROC Leg Surgery

Isabelle POMDR Eye and Mammary Masses Removal

Big Moe A Purposeful Rescue Spleenectomy

Valentine Much Love Pelvic Fracture Repair

Marco Pepper Foundation Severe Oral Infection

Pixie YTNR Microvascular Dysplasia

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March 2017

Zandra Delaney's Dog Hernia Repair

Georgia Saiving K9 Pelvic Fracture Repair

Annalise Saving K9 Leg Fracture Repair

Teddy Camp Cocker Pelvic Fracture Repoair

Finch Yorkie Rescure of America Leg Fracture Repair

Brutus YTNR Liver Shunt Surgery

Tom Cody Contra Costa HS Leg Fracture Repair

Ava Bichon Rescue Brigade Leg Amputation

Splash Much Love Pelvic Fracture Repair

Alice Doxie POMDR Mammary Tumor Removal

Marilyn Brittany Mammary Tumor Removal

Ava Brittany Mammary Tumor Removal

Jethro Much Love Spinal Surgery

Gussy Rescue & Rehome Mammary Tumor Removal

Molly Rescue & Rehome Mammary Tumor Removal

Kiana Delaney's Dog Leg Fracture Repair

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April 2017

Rhoda Animals Rule Cherry Eye Surgery

Bootsie AMAR Pneumonia

Daisy DRLA Mammory Tumor Removal

Coco Much Love Pelvic and Leg Fracture Repair

Bear POMDR Leg Fracture Repair

Prince YTNR Knee Surgery

Ferris Lhasa Happy Homes Eye Removal

Beckham Lhasa Happy Homes Hip Surgery

Ike Pepper Foundation Mass Removal

Dwight Southern Star Rescue Ear Surgery

Sierra Animals Rule Hip Surgery

Abigail Camp Cocker Mammary Tumor Removal

Mimi Saving K9 Lives Blader Stone Removal

Faery AFRP Parvo Virus Treatment

Fable AFRP Parvo Virus Treatment

Fanny Mae POMDR Nasal Cancer Surgery

Dusty POMDR Wound Repair

Aria YTNR Liver Shunt Surgery

Pumpkin Maltese & More Knee Surgery

Starlight SoCalPom Knee Surgery

Clementine Bichon Rescue Brigade Mammary Tumor Removal

Sasha Bichon Rescue Brigade Bladder Stone Removal

Mushroom Woof Project Hip Surgery and Tail Amputation

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May 2017

Rosey Bichon Rescue Brigade Multiple Mass Removal

Piper Camp Cocker Cherry Eye Surgery

Sadie Resuced Dog Liver Shunt Surgery

Arnold POMDR Multiple mass Removal

Fernando Rescued Dog Hernia Repair

McKenna Camp Cocker Ear Surgery

Poppy SIAR Mammary Mass Removal

Diana Bichon Rescue OC Mammary Mass Removal

Hercules POMDR Multiple Mass Removal

Moose Lab Rescuers Knne Surgery

Indigo Delaney's Dog Leg Fracture Repair

Sassy Yorkie Rescue of America Liver Shunt Surgery

Sylvester Camp Cocker Ear Surgery

Weston Maltese And More Hernia Repair

Ronnie Furry Tails Severe Dental Disease

Morgan Camp Cocker Bladder Stone Surgery

Hunter Camp Cocker Ear Surgery

Daffodil HELP Hernia Repair

Betty Noah's Bark North Cherry Eye Surgery

Joey Noah's Bark Pelvic and Leg Fracture Repair

Chloe YTNR Pelvic and Leg Fracture Repair

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June 2017

Chloe Yorkie Rescue of America Mammary Mass Removal

Tulip Bichon Resuce Brigade Knee Surgery

Sammy Menifee HA Leg Fracture Repair

Manchester Much Love Leg Fracture Repair

Happy Saving K9 Lives Knee Surgery

Luna Moon Saving K9 Lives Leg Fracture Repair

Love Saving K9 Lives Chest Trauma after being Hit by Car

Starla DRLA Knee Surgery

Oscar DRLA Leg Fracture Surgery

Midge Death Row Dog Rescue Mammary Mass Removal

Augie POMDR Mass Removal

Skip Aussie Rescue SoCal Hip Surgery

Swiffer POMDR Bladder Stone Surgery

Matilda Bichon Rescue Brigade Mammary Mass Removal

Moose Pacific Coast Dog Rescue Hepatitis

Addie Lhasa X Bladder Stone Surgery

Reamus POMDR Knee Surgery

Cookie POMDR Mammary Mass Removal

Corey SCMSR Pelvis Fracture Repair

Ollie Bichon Rescue Brigade Pelvis Fracture Repair

Schubert Much Love Hip Surgery

Mozart Much Love Foot Fracture and Knee Surgery

Provolone Furry Tails Severe Dental Disase

Chanel FORTE Hernia Repair

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July 2017

Monty POMDR Mass Removal

Dani Bichon Rescue OC Diabetes

Lailani SPARI Jaw Fracture Repair

Trina Delaney's Dog HipSurgery

Kennedy Bichon Rescue Brigade Hernia Repair

Neptune DRLA Mass Removal

Poppy POMDR Mammary Mass Removal

Jazper Bichon Rescue OC Mass Removal

Lola POMDR Chery Eye Suregry

Dolly POMDR Gallbladder Removal

Jules Camp Cocker Leg Fracture Repair

Linsey Tails of the City Mammary Mass Removal

Chloe POMDR Knee Surgery

Pixie Camp Cocker Foreign Body Removal

Artie Bichon Rescue OC Oral Abscess Repair

Grayson POMDR Knee Surgery

Deliah Rescued Dog Oral Abscess Repair

Roman Woof Project Leg Fracture Repair

Coco T POMDR Eye Removal

Billy Pup It's the Pits Leg Fracture Repair

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August 2017

Griffin Bichon Rescue Brigade Hip Surgery

Charming LIFE Hip Surgery

Snoopy POMDR Eye Removal

Mia Rescue & Rehome Foreign Body Removal

Eli Delaney's Dog Hip Surgery

Brooklyn Bichon Rescue Brigade Tail Amputation and Hernia Repair

Tyra HELP Eye Removal

Chia Yolo SPCA Spinal Surgery

Samuel POMDR Mass Removal

Nikki GSROC Penile Surgery

Sebastian SCMSR Hip Surgery

Kelo Allies For Animals Bronchitis

Lady Pug POMDR Mass Removal

Jersey Life Love Rescue Mammary Mass Removal

Sampson Maltese and More Rescue Hip Surgery

Laverne A Purposeful Rescue Hernia Repair

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September 2017

Bootsie POMDR Mass Removal

Raven Bichon Rescue Brigade Mange Treatment

Millie Pepper Foundation Hernia Surgery

Molly Bichon Rescue Brigade Leg Fracture Repair

Flanny Border Collies in Need Knee Surgery

Karen SCMSR Hip Surgery

Peter Much Love Bladder Stone Surgery

Blossom POMDR Mass Removal

Emma Maltese and More Rescue Knee Surgery

Miffy Delaney's Dog Hernia Surgery

Dewey POMDR Eye Removal

Jessie Delaney's Dog Knee Surgery

TinkerBell Rescue & Rehome Leg Fracture Repair

Nico American Maltese Assoc Jaw Fracture Repair

Tucker GSROC Wound Repair and Toe Amputation

Brenda SCMSR Leg Gracure Repair

Max Shepherd POMDR Mass Removal

Tahoe Delaney's Dog Leg Fracture Repair

Scout Lab Rescuers Pneumonia and Viral Gastroenteritis

Cody Aussie Rescue Oral Abscess Repair

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October 2017

Heracles POMDR Mass Removal

Tink POMDR Mass Removal

Greta Camp Cocker Mass Removal and Cherry Eye Surgery

Rocky Friends of Madera Shelter Spinal Surgery

Galina Furry Tails Multiple Mass Removal

Aurora POMDR Mammary Mass Removal

Sunny BRB Leg Fracture Repair

Harlee BRB Mammary Mass Removal

Teddy YTNR Liver Disease

Skye Lab Rescuers Ear Surgery

Felix Lhasa Happy Homes Heart Surgery

Delia Delaney's Dog Hip Surgery

Angel Old SOuls Oral Abscess Repair

Coco YTNR Mammary Mass Removal

Booney POMDR Mass Removal

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November 2017

Rommel POMDR Mass Removal

Ella YTNR Knee Surgery

Asher POMDR Bladder Stone Removal

Oscar NPLB Hernia Repair

Bonsai Delaney's Dog Cherry Eye Surgery

Bernie Camp Cocker Hip Surgery

Scooter Pie Friends of Milo Heart Surgery

Baxter BRB Hip Surgery

Raisin POMDR Foxtail Removal

Franklin Animals Rule Cherry Eye Surgery

Pebbles BROC Mammary Mass Removal

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December 2017

Xavier The Rescued Dor Heart Surgery

Logan POMDR Mass Removal

Cossette The Pepper Foundation Mammary Mass Removal

Taffy SoCalPom Leg Amputation

Teddy SCMSR Hip Surgery

Lottie POMDR Eye Removal

Whiskey Maltese and More Hip Surgery

Brownie BRB Jaw Fracture Repair

Squirrel Noah's Bark Mammary Mass Removal

Maggie Camp Cocker Spinal Surgery

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